Wall Decoration and Wall Painting

Wall Decoration and Wall Painting

It is possible to come across similar models and color tones in many homes, as the main elements that make up the decoration, such as furniture and textiles, are generally produced according to popular trends. Especially the style similarities in many of the newly decorated houses should attract your attention. To separate and personalize the decorations created with similar main elements, it is necessary to focus on small but effective details such as wall decoration and accessories. If you want the decoration to carry special traces for you, you should look for the solution, not in the main elements, but in the small details. For the decoration you will create to reflect your tastes in the best way and to be special to you, you need to plan the wall decoration and accessory selection well. In this article, you will find useful information on the solutions you can use for wall decoration and the most effective of them, the tables.

There are multiple ways to customize the wall decoration. These methods can be divided into fixed and changeable ones. We can show painting, plasterboard applications, three-dimensional wall decorations, vertical garden applications, wall coverings, and wallpapers as examples of fixed methods. The difficulty of applying these methods may vary depending on the type, but they are all permanent decoration solutions, and when you want to make a change, it may require you to undergo a radical renovation. If you are looking for decoration solutions that are more practical and that you can easily change when you are bored, you can turn to paint and similar accessories and wall stickers. The only disadvantage of the paintings, which is a much more practical and economical wall decoration solution, is the difficulty of choosing. You can find what you should pay attention to when choosing a table that will beautify your decoration, and the table types, with examples below. If you want to see different suggestions for wall decoration, we recommend you take a look at the following headings.

Wall ArtDecorative paintings

Decorative paintings are the most effective accessories that beautify your wall decoration, warm the environment and highlight personal tastes. When choosing the decorative paintings you will use in your home, you should choose according to the characteristics, style, and color of the room you will use. Of course, the table you choose for the kitchen and the one you choose for the living room must be different from each other. So what should be considered when choosing a table? First of all, remember that there are many criteria to consider. You should choose by taking into account even the smallest details, from the width of the room to the decoration style, from the color balance to the furniture placement. You must have analyzed the effect you want to create in the room by using a painting. If the color you choose in the painting is more accentuated than the overall color balance of the room, the painting can become the focal point of the decoration, this will cause other elements to be overshadowed, but on the other hand, you can look forward to such a choice to revive the decor. For example; If you add a large painting in warm colors to a room dominated by black and gray tones, the painting will become the focus of the decoration. If you do not want to establish such a balance, you can choose the colors of the paintings in harmony with the wall tones.

Choosing the right number of tables, in the right size and the right frame

The square meter of the space and the size of the empty walls are important criteria in determining the size and number of tables. Although quite large and modern paintings look magnificent, they do not create the desired effect in narrow spaces. In such cases, it may be more effective to use smaller sizes and more than one painting. On the other hand, for a medium-sized living room, a large table placed on the main wall can create a much more elegant look. While making this choice, you can try different sizes of paintings by sketching the wall on which you want to hang a painting and scribbling on it.

The most important criterion in choosing the frame of the paintings should be the style of the space. You can use wide frames with classic traces or embroider in a colonial style. In styles such as modern and minimal, it would be appropriate to choose thinner frames or frameless paintings.


Decide which art movement you will choose

An art movement decoration that you choose by the concept of the house or room will make it look much more successful and stylish. The styles you apply in decoration will be the determining factor in this choice. For example, if you have benefited from the features of styles such as Scandinavian, which creates a natural and random image in your home, you can complete the style and create striking accessory integrity with abstract paintings. Pop art and surrealist paintings in simple styles such as modern and minimal will make the room look more attractive. If you need more detailed information on the matching of style and art movement, you can get consultancy from Tetrameles for solutions specific to your home. You can only find the right choice for you with the help of an expert.

Color selection

The color balance sets the mood of the room and therefore its life. There is no doubt that it has greatly influenced you. For this reason, it is necessary to be careful when choosing an accessory that will seriously affect the color balance of the room. It is very important that the painting you choose is in harmony with the general color balance of the room. In addition, you can shape your choice according to the characteristics of the room. For example, you can choose peaceful tones such as pastel blue and green in the bedroom so that they do not contrast with the wall colors, or you can try warmer tones in areas such as the kitchen and living room.

How to hang tables, how to use split tables?

In terms of the placement of the tables, each room and space should be handled separately, for example, smaller and more than one table can be used instead of very large and striking paintings in the hallway. You can also create a corridor like an art gallery with paintings of the same dimensions and alignment. Paintings should not be hung too close to the ceiling, it is generally appropriate to use them in the middle of the wall.

When placing paintings in the living room, kitchen and bedroom, it is necessary to pay attention to the harmony with the items in front of or below them and whether they intersect with each other's image. For example, if you are going to place a painting on the wall behind the sofa, the table should be hung centered and a distance of 20-30 cm should be left between it and the sofa. In addition, the dimensions of the table and the objects standing in front of it should also be compatible. If the painting you will hang at the head of a very large bed is too small, it will not create a pleasant image. If you want to use small tables, you can try to use more than one table together.

If you want to use fragmented tables, you can use them in areas such as the living room and kitchen. In the selection of the split table, it is also necessary to pay attention to the dimensions and placement. You can place the tables symmetrically as well as make an asymmetric arrangement.

What kind of tables should I choose?

We have mentioned that paintings should be chosen according to the style of the space in which they are used, but paintings are categorized not only according to the art movement, colors, and dimensions but also according to the material from which they are produced. The materials and construction techniques used in the production of the table will also affect the style of the room, so you should consider this detail when choosing. For example, you can choose canvas or wooden paintings to complement a rural decoration, metal, ceramic paintings for a rustic design, oil paintings, or tapestry paintings for a classic style.

We will include tables according to their types under the following headings.

Wall Art

Live charts

As the name suggests, living paintings are paintings made up of plants and lichens. These paintings, which are placed on several nutritious layers such as soil and paper and made of plants that are resistant to harsh conditions, are an ecological way to revitalize spaces.

The plant in the paintings used in this decoration is Cladonia Stellaris, a lichen species that grows in Swedish forests. Growing 3mm per year, this species survives by using the humidity of the air in an environment that does not require irrigation, pruning, and sunlight. If you want to create a natural and stylish look in your home, you should meet this solution.

Hardboard and glass tables

As production technologies develop, the number of decorative products that we can use also increases. Glass and hardboard tables are a good example of this. Hardboard tables produced with the double-sided press plastering technique on hard cardboard can be easily applied to any surface with double-sided foam tapes. Glass tables, on the other hand, are produced from tempered glass, so that they are resistant to heat and impacts, and are extremely suitable for styles such as classical, rustic and Mediterranean.

Canvas paintings

Canvas paintings are one of the first genres that come to mind when the painting is mentioned. Canvas paintings, which can be used for years as long as the print is of good quality, are both an economical and practical decoration solution. You can choose and use canvas paintings, which have hundreds of varieties in almost every color and model, according to your style. 


Metal, led and illustration paintings

Metal paintings, which are indispensable for decors such as industrial, loft, and retro, are also a great example of beautifying interiors. You can easily use metal paintings that color rooms with their nostalgic and sometimes modern prints, even in areas such as kitchens and bathrooms. In addition to metal paintings, paintings with led lights and illustration drawings are among the popular genres recently. You can evaluate these types, which are preferred by those who do not hesitate to include different applications in decorations, especially in young rooms and study rooms.

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