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Touch to Your Living Area!

You can break ground with decorating your walls if you want a touching of different to your living space and need a change without endeavour. Our editor, Kaan Yavuz has put together wall decoration suggestions that add a completely different atmosphere to their whereabouts. You have to decide the wall color that you will chose before starting to wall decoration.

As you can paint all the walls the same color also you can highlight a single wall with a different color. You can choose darker colors instead of pastel tones if you have a simple decoration style and want to make your space more striking. You should avoid colors and wall decoration products that will distract you in work areas such as offices.

Light colors make the working environment brighter. It will either complement your office elegance or support you in time management If you add a flashy clock to your office wall decoration. You can choose stone or brick wall decoration if you want to add a little more movement or texture to your walls.

You can make use of stylish wallpapers to achieve the same effect more easily. You can create a stylish resting area thanks to the wallpapers that you can use especially in children's rooms or bedrooms. You can add an artistic touch to your walls with decorative paintings If you have a large space...

If you want to capture a bohemian style in your living space, the latest favourite macrame wall decorations are just for you! You can choose minimal patterned framed table sets if you are in favor of a more elegant and simple elegance. Do not forget that the shelves will add elegance not only to living areas such as the living room, but also to areas such as kitchen and bathroom.

You can place your spice and oil pots on the kitchen wall shelves and you can always have them at hand whenever you need them. Using geometrically shaped wall shelves will add elegance to the room especially in smaller areas such as bathrooms or balconies. Our last suggestion is mirrors that never go out of fashion and always add elegance and depth to living spaces!

You can choose plain, embroidered or extraordinary mirrors according to your own taste. You can reflect the daylight better by placing mirrors close to the windowsills, which will help you make small spaces look wider.

Even if you want to create a unique mirror style, you can add decorations around it and reveal your own taste.

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